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How do i add videos?

We do not allow uploading of video files like the big sites as this would put our server costs through the roof and we are cheap fucking cunts. Instead we have a system to easily embed videos from the porn site . Here is the guide:

  • – Go to the add videos section on our site. Then open another tab in your browser. In this second tab go to xvideos and find the video you want to add to our site.
  • – Right click on the image and select save image as. Save it somewhere easy to remember as you will need it soon.
  • – Under the video you want to add from xvideos, click the embed button and copy the code that appears. It should start with <iframe src= .
  • – Go back to our add videos page and copy this code into our Video Type * section ( You might need to click on </> Embed Code for the box to appear ).
  • – Then go to our Video Preview Image * section and click Choose File. Add the xvideos image you saved earlier.
  • – Now add your Video Title, Video Description and Video tags. Please DO NOT copy these from the video you are adding from xvideos. Write your own title,description and tags.
  • – Select the correct category for your video. We work our hardest to make sure videos are in the most relevant categories so please try do the same.
  • – Then just click the blue Submit button and you are done. Videos will take a small amount of time before appearing on the site.
Rules & Guides

We use a tool that removes any deleted videos but it is not always accurate. If you see a video that has been deleted can you please leave a comment saying “video gone” etc. That way we can see it and remove the video.

Please add a profile picture and cover image. To do this simply log in, click profile and you will see the option
to add both.

What will get me banned on here?

If you are living in Britain like the majority of our users then you really need to be aware of the revenge porn laws that have been introduced in the past few years. People are actually in jail for  adding sex videos / pictures of girls they had no right to. Long gone are the days UK folk could throw an old sex tape they made with an ex on a website. It can also cause a lot of trouble for the website they add them to. To help us out please do the following things:

  1.  If you see a girl in a video that is NOT a porn-star, please do not add their name or location to the comments or talk about it anywhere on the site. We do not allow this and will ban people who continuously do this.
  2. The legal age of porn in the UK is 18. We will not tolerate anyone even as much as hinting about underage material. This goes for our comment section, activity stream and messaging service which are all monitored. If we find anything illegal we will report your sick ass to the police. DO NOT do it !
  3. We would also prefer it if you tried to keep your identity private on open parts of the site that everyone can see. We will also not tolerate members posting private information about other members.
  4. We will not tolerate threatening and aggressive behavior either.
  5. Please do not talk about football as this always ends up turning into shitty arguments. This is a porn site and is not the place for that pish.

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